Thursday, 20 August, 2009

New beginnings and sorting out

This a fresh initiation of our blogging efforts. The idea is to create a discussion of the content and publishing issues peculiar to Asia and maybe even more provincially to India and South Asia. There are two sides to playing with geography and nationalities especially with cultural issues. On the one hand everyone wants to know about the other (including other regions and cultures) and on the nothing is really very interesting unless it is grounded in detail or particularity.

Ideally we would like to create a texture or backroom for ideas, content, and publishing. The publishing could pertain to books, magazines, newspapers, eBooks, podcasts etc. There will some things of technical interest but hopefully also a good discussion of ideas and content shaping media as well how technology mediates media. This will be a team blog and we will invite people who we think are expert and articulate. If you would like to join the team of bloggers please contact You can suggest names of experts that we could invite. Alternately you can join the conversation with your comments.

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