Thursday, 3 September, 2009

Why a Content & Media newsletter in print?

We have published, printed and distributed copies of two 8-page newsletters called Content & Media at the Delhi Book Fair. These mainly cover the DBF and some of the events held at the show. Why have we brought out these newsletters with the same name as our blog?

As the book publishing industry grows, it will become more complex and interesting for the professionals who drive it. We also think that the professionals will want a networking platform. This could be a virtual platform driven by the Internet and by the blogs which are already proliferating -- but there is the possibility that at certain junctures such as book fairs it would be nice to have a regular print platform as well.

Thus this newsletter is named after our new blog – Content and Media Asia Pacific – Let us know if you think there is a need for this print newsletter to connect authors, literary agents, publishers, translators, distributors and book shops. Our own thought is that as book industry grows it should also become more fun. Let me know what you think at

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